NRA Event at Reserve Forces’ & Cadets’ Association, Altcar – May 14th and May 15th 2016

The NRA are running a pilot event at Altcar over the weekend of May 14th and 15th this year. The event has been planned in partnership with the Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association and will provide an opportunity for members in the North West to develop their marksmanship skills with a variety of rifles and then put those skills into practice in competition, if they wish.

The weekend is structured around similar events that have proven popular at Bisley and the NRA hopes to help showcase the NRA’s ambition to invest in full bore shooting throughout the UK. The success of this pilot will help the NRA structure future events in the regions.

The event is open to our Club, and the NRA encourages our members to register and join them on the range at Altcar.

Details and entry forms can be found below:

Service Rifle Marksmanship Skills Course Altcar

Match Conditions

Skills Course Entry Form

Service Rifle Competition Entry Form

Updated – London & Middlesex Friendly – Bisley 9-10th April 2016

The London & Middlesex Friendly Match will be held at Bisley on Saturday 9th – Sunday 10th April 2016.

As John Chapman is unable to attend this year Dave Fletcher and John Dugmore will be organizing the shoot in his place.
Shooting commences at 0830 hrs.  Our worst enemy is time so please arrive early.
Saturday is 2 sighters and 7 shoots at 300, 500 and 600 yds in the morning.   2 sighters and 10 to count in the afternoon at 900 anf 1000.
Dinner with the L&M Saturday evening.  (bring a Tie)
Sunday 2 and 10 at 900 and 100 yds. and after lunch 2 and 15 at 600 yds.
Book you own accommodation on camp and pay for this.  Retain a receipt and john Chapman will refund later in year.
Supply your own ammo.
The list of shooters so far is,
John Dugmore
Dave Fletcher
Matt Dixon      (Sunday only)   ” part timer”
John Hanton
Jim Wharton
Dave Millward
Iain MacDonald
Barry Collacott
Graham Walker
Brian Canbray
We have no wind coaches as such so I intend to allow individual shooters to shoot without a coach if you wish and if required having shot then could take over this roll and help out other team members who wish to shoot with a coach.  If anyone has a large scope stand then please bring it along.
If any other UKPFBTRC member not listed above wishes to attend then all are welcome.  Please let John Dugmore know ASAP.  I need to inform John Saunders at the L&M.
This is as you know a pre- season warm up shoot but remember   “we are in it to win it”