West Midlands & West Mercia Competitions – Weds 6th / Thurs 7th May 2015

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The West Midlands Police open shooting competition will be held at Bisleycamp Brookwood. Surrey at 1300 hours on Wednesday 6th May 2015. The West Mercia police open shoot will be held at the same venue the following day at 0900 hrs Thursday 7th May.  Both shoots will be scored out of 300 500 and 600 yds with two sighters and 10 to count. The F class shoot will be concurent.

Each shooter should be in possession of a certification card proving that the rifle has been correctly zeroed. It is strongly suggested that persons who have no such certification should arrange to zero their rifles on Wednesday morning prior to the start of the shoot. Only a NRA RCO who has completed the high muzzle energy course is able to do this for F class rifles exceeding 4500 J.   No certificate no shoot.

Paid markers are provided and so no butt duty will be necessary.

Competition will be 2 & 10 shots to count at 300 yds 500 yds 600 yds to decide the Overall aggregate winner. (trophy) for both shoots

All team captains to supply John Dugmore with the names of team members who will be attending by 7th April at the latest. E mail please. I must know by this date in order to pre book markers and target lanes. I am hoping that at least 20 members will attend including the F class members. The range fees have to be paid in advance so please respond with numbers of members from each force ASAP. Range fees have again gone up this year.


Dinosaur Rifle Christmas Shoot

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Update: 08/10/2014

Unfortunately due to lack of interest, this shoot will no longer be going ahead.

For all those who possess old service rifles….

A message from Chris Allen.

Mike and I will run a shoot at Bisley on 19th. November (Numbers permitting).
Old service rifles only, so dust off those Lee Enfields and Mausers etc. with iron sights or original scopes (Spider webs allowed for).
Please supply your own ammo.
The shoot will be prone 100 / 200 and possibly 300 yards at Short Siberia or century.
Mike has arranged the use of the Artists Rifle Club who will provide it as a base for us including lunch, plus tea / coffee and cakes or biscuits at the end of the shoot at a discounted rate of £15 per person.  Lunch will be hot but simple tasty fare.
It will be an all day shoot and we shall mark our own targets which will save £64 per lane.
Each lane will cost about £50 for the day so, the more who come, the cheaper it will be.
If anyone wishes to bring a guest shooter who is not part of UKPOL,(Not restricted to UKPOL / PSUK) they are more than welcome to do so , but please ensure they bring their FAC and competency card with them, thanks.
This is a fun, end of season shoot so there will be no expensive trophies.

As we have to pay for the range “up front” anyone wishing to attend will have to send a cheque to either Mike or myself once the event is confirmed by the numbers. (details later).

Please let us know as soon as possible if you are attending and at the very latest, by 7th. October.

As soon as we have the numbers, we will know how much each person needs to send for the range fee and will let you know.

The last “Christmas” type shoot was run by the W/mids and W/Mercia boys a few years ago and was a good day out,” fancy hats” optional as on that occasion (photos Available).

Come on folks, come and have a chilled out relaxed end of season shoot with us.

All the very best

Chris & Mike  (Dino Rifles).

Devon & Cornwall and Gloucester Shoots – Confirmed dates 6/7 Nov 2014

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Update 15/10/2014.

The Gloucester Shoot will commence at 1.30pm (prompt) on Thursday 6th November and the Devon & Cornwall Shoot will commence at 08.30am (prompt) on Friday 7th November

 I am aware that these dates do not suit all members, but I feel it essential that we hold our shoots this year.

By holding them in this manner, starting to shoot PM and Thursday and then finishing by lunchtime on Friday it helps with travelling and also means that you should only need one nights’ accommodation. (which is down to you to book)

Due to the payment procedures at Bisley and the cost of the number of targets, including markers,  needed I do need confirmation of your attendance from you asap

I also need to know what your intend to shoot as I will have to arrange for F Class target faces on some of the targets.


Due to the payment procedures at Bisley and the cost of the number of targets, including markers,  needed I do need confirmation of your attendance from you asap

I also need to know what your intend to shoot as I will have to arrange for F Class target faces on some of the targets.


Due to ongoing difficulties with Landmarc, Barry has taken the decision to hold the D&C and Gloucester shoots at Bisley.

The intention is to hold them on a similar basis as John Dugmore with his shoot – so the Gloucester shoot will be held on the afternoon of a Thursday and then the D&C shoot will be the following morning. This reduces on accommodation costs as you can travel in the morning of the first day and then leave after the shoot at lunchtime on the Friday.

Proposed dates are:

23/24 October

30/31 October  or

6/7 November

As you will be aware,  the NRA has to be paid in advance to hire the range  and so Barry needs to know how many will be able to attend to know how many targets are needed. Please advise Barry which dates are acceptable for you. It is not possible to please everyone but the dates most can make will of course be chosen – providing you reply.

Please email barry with your responses urgently so that necessary bookings can take place.

The shoot will be open events, however if you have any non members coming please let us know so we can arrange an open competitor prize.


Full bore Target Rifle and F Class Shooting

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