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West Mercia 2012 Results

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The West Mercia Championships were held on Friday 30th March 2012 at the Century Range, Bisley, Surrey.

The conditions were good at the beginning of the event, however as the competitors moved back through the ranges, the wind picked up and became more trickier which can be seen from the scores at 600 yards.

The Target Rifle category was won by Emma Nuttall of Surrey Police, way out in front by five clear points and 5 V balls, with Iain Mac leading the rest, taking the Veteran’s prize at the same time.

Target Rifle Winner - Emma Nuttall

The F Class was won by J Snelling with what appears to be some quite low scores, but that may have something to do with the new size target faces and having to shoot the tail off a gnat’s behind!

The Team results

Contested between West Midlands (John Dugmore and Dave Fletcher) and D&C (Barry Collacott and Graham Walker), the prize was given to West Midlands at the presentation, however this may be in dispute if you add up the scores! ;0)



Gloucestershire Results 2011

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The Gloucestershire Championship was held on Friday …… October 2011 at Yoxter Range, Somerset. Some very low scores recorded. I wasn’t there so can’t comment, maybe something to do with the weather?? But IF I was there…..

The Target Rifle was won by Matt Dixon of the West Midlands with a score of 147.11, with ¬†George Evens coming second with a 142.13. If George didn’t have a bad back, sore wrist, and aching head I am sure he would have beaten Matt, and it would have been a refreshing change.

Individual Target Rifle Winner - Matt Dixon (West Midlands)

The F Class was won by Chris Ashurst and Simon Drewett was the runner up. Their scores seem to be awfully low these days. They may give a really petty excuse that their targets are now very small, so it is up to you if you believe them or not!


The Team Winners are Devon & Cornwall, with the West Midlands, coming second.


Devon & Cornwall 2011 Results

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The Devon & Cornwall Championship was held on Thursday …… October 2011 at Yoxter Range, Somerset.

The Target Rifle Individual winner was Matt Dixon of the West Midlands with a respectable score of 145.19. The runner up, was Dick Humphries with a score of 140.12.


Matt Dixon - Target Rifle Winner

Chris Ashurst won the F Class with a score of 138.13, with a comfortable margin over the others competitors.

Below you can see the full results:



Full bore Target Rifle and F Class Shooting

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