Gloucestershire Results 2011

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The Gloucestershire Championship was held on Friday …… October 2011 at Yoxter Range, Somerset. Some very low scores recorded. I wasn’t there so can’t comment, maybe something to do with the weather?? But IF I was there…..

The Target Rifle was won by Matt Dixon of the West Midlands with a score of 147.11, with ¬†George Evens coming second with a 142.13. If George didn’t have a bad back, sore wrist, and aching head I am sure he would have beaten Matt, and it would have been a refreshing change.

Individual Target Rifle Winner - Matt Dixon (West Midlands)

The F Class was won by Chris Ashurst and Simon Drewett was the runner up. Their scores seem to be awfully low these days. They may give a really petty excuse that their targets are now very small, so it is up to you if you believe them or not!


The Team Winners are Devon & Cornwall, with the West Midlands, coming second.


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