Devon & Cornwall and Gloucestershire Competitions – Entry details

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The Gloucester and Devon & Cornwall shoots are to be held on the 15 & 16 November 2012.

I have Double checked with all concerned to ensure Landmarc don’t mess us up like they did in July.

As you will probably be aware I have been restricted on dates and these were all I could get unless we went into December.

Unfortunately Chris Allen & Steve Jelf are not available and so I have been asked to run both days (with help), but in view of this I am having to ask that you make your own food arrangements during the day. I will provide tea/coffee and crisps, but there won’t be sandwiches etc. Obviously come the evening we do have local pubs to feed us. If you have an electric kettle bring it along.

On Friday we have been asked to clear the accommodation blocks in the morning as a large number of cadets are due in to the camp in the afternoon.

As in recent years I am proposing shooting – quick turn around and shoot second detail – this saves considerably on range hire times & thus price.

I have attached the entry forms for the two shoots, if possible complete them and forward to me, however the most important thing I need is names and numbers, asap. It is very difficult trying to arrange the two shoot details when you don’t know who is going to turn up, in view of the problem re running it I would very much appreciate if you can let me know before the date. This also helps with the computer scoring system, which doesn’t have to be done on the morning.

Please make every effort to attend – we need the numbers !!

D&C Entry 2012

Gloucester entry 2012



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