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Gloucester & Devon and Cornwall Competitions – Details


The Gloucester and Devon and Cornwall Competitions will be held on Wednesday 26th July 2017 (Gloucester shoot) and Thursday 27th July 2017 (D&C).

This year again the venue will be the Century range and Bisley.

The Gloucester shoot will commence at 1300 hours Weds 26th July 2017 and D&C will commence at 0830 hours Thurs 27th July 2017.

Please ensure you are on the firing point on time to allow the full shoot to take place.

Please inform Barry Collacott if you are attending, and also which class you wish to shoot in so the necessary targets can be planned.

Any queries contact Barry.

Joint entry message 2017

West Midlands & West Mercia 25th Annual Open Competition – 23/24 August 2017

The West Midlands Police open shooting competition will be held at Bisley camp Brookwood. Surrey, at 1300 hours on Wednesday 23rd August 2017. The West Mercia police open shoot will be held at the same venue the following day at 0900 hrs Thursday 24th August.

It is intended to have a Presentation meal at Canada house at 1930 hrs on the Wednesday.

Team captains should note that accommodation can be booked at Canada house for team members at £30 per night including breakfast (£5 discount) if we block book. Please let John Dugmore know in good time so he can book.


Full Details:

WEST MIDLANDS POLICE open shoot 2017 (word)

WEST MIDLANDS POLICE open shoot 2017 (pdf)